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THE VINEYARDS. For North Valley wines, we have partnered with some of the area's most meticulous and talented growers to assemble wines that reflect the region. They are crafted from a diverse set of clones, soil types and microclimates wholly within the Willamette Valley. Our growers are engaged partners, all of whom farm sustainably with respect for the land and with minimal environmental impact. We actively participate in all of the farming decisions to ensure timely, quality-oriented inputs.

THE WINEMAKING, THE VINTAGE. Our 2011 North Valley Rosé is a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay with a touch of exotic Gewurztraminer, sourced from several ranches in the Yamhill-Carlton District, Eola-Amity Hills and the Dundee area. The harvest was amongst the latest on record, extending into early November, when we brought in fully mature fruit at modest sugar levels with convincing flavors and phenolics.

APPELLATION: Willamette Valley
{Yamhill-Carlton, Eola-Amity Hills,
Dundee Hills}
VARIETALS: Pinot Noir - 80%
Chardonnay - 16%
Gewurztraminer - 4%
All from certified sustainable vineyards.
ALCOHOL: 13.2%
PRODUCTION: 1,450 cases